Brand Colors: What They Say About You (Emotional Branding)

Ever walk into a store and feel serene? I get that sensation at Z Gallerie.

Branding is such an important aspect on how customers perceive (and receive) our products, services and messages. Color, a component of branding, is one of the most basic elements that dictates how we feel. It has been programmed into our brains since birth (e.g., blue for boys and pink for girls).

Jeku Arce (a member of my social media forum) shared these infographics. I’ve seen these representations in marketing courses, but the diagrams below make comprehension easy.

Colors Create Emotions

color emotion guide infographic

Colors Matter

the importance of brand colors

Colors Preference

brand colors

What is your favorite color? Why? Comment below.


Lawrence Chan

P.S. Julie hates the color brown because it reminds her of poo. I personally like it because it reminds me of Earth and coffee.

morning coffee


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